Living 3D Butterflies Screen Saver

Living 3D Butterflies Screen Saver 1.0

Living 3D Butterflies Screen Saver will show amazing butterflies animations
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Now with 3d Butterflies Screen Saver you can enjoy the incredible beauty and colors of butterflies flying among hundreds of colorful flowers. While you`re sitting in a chrysalis of inactivity this screen saver will show you some of the most beautiful butterflies flying on your screen.

This screen saver has a high and colorful resolution of butterfly animations that must be seen to be appreciated. 3D Butterflies Screen Saver will fill your desktop with many adorable butterflies. They'll appear right on the desktop and start to shine with vivid colors. All the presented butterflies are the exact copies of the real ones. This nice 3D screen saver will serve as an ideal remedy to make you spry and vigorous in no time.

Butterflies are absolutely marvelous. Each and every butterfly presents itself as a small masterpiece of digital art. They are crafted with such skill that you won't even tell the difference between them and the real representatives of the fauna.

Thanks to such photorealistic graphics placed as background, you will never get tired of feasting your eyes upon these wonderfully crafted creatures. Since you will certainly admire the cute little beings, you will also be glad to learn some interesting facts about these Earth inhabitants.

Premium Version includes two additional scenes, tropical waterfall and tropical hills, four additional butterfly species - 7 total, control number and type of butterflies and much more.

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